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Ban Shark Fin Soup in the United States

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Shark finning is a brutal act in which fishers catch sharks and ruthlessly cut their fins off and toss the rest of their bodies back into the ocean to drown. They bleed out and suffocate because they cannot move to get water flowing through their gills.

It has been proven that dead sharks give off necromones and other sharks retreat knowing there is danger nearby. Now researchers are suggesting that due to shark finning and the fact that the fishermen throw their dying bodies back into the ocean, that sharks are fleeing from those areas (their natural habitat) and closer to the shore lines. In result of finning, the number of attacks are multiplying. If we ban shark fin soup in the United States, shark finning will not be as drastic as they are now, meaning sharks can return to their natural world and leave the shore lines-decreasing the number of shark attacks in North America. Killing sharks is literally killing us. North America is known to have the most shark attacks worldwide. If we ban shark fin soup, the demand for shark fins will greatly decrease and we can return to our beaches with a better statistic of not having an encounter with a shark.

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