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Issue an executive order requiring labeling of all GMO foods

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The largest majority of the American People want to have all information about their food available to them when making food purchasing choices. There is substantive debate about the safety of Genetically Modified Foods. While this debate is ignored by much of the mainstream media, the U.S. Legislature, and business leaders, American citizens have a constitutional right to know what is contained in the food they purchase, and how those foods are produced. President Barack Obama has the legal authority to direct the Food and Drug Administration to require labels identifying foods which contain components that have been engineered or altered at the genetic level. The doctrine of "Substantial Equivalence" that was established by international agreement, and imposed upon the American people by the Administration of George H.W. Bush essentially violates the first amendment rights of American to choice by prohibiting the labeling of products containing components that were produced via means where the science is not only incomplete, but is also disputed. President Barack Obama has the legal authority to, just as the Administration of George H.W. Bush did, determine how a product is labeled by instructing the FDA to require labeling of all Genetically Modified components of foods. This needs to be done immediately. There is no reason that such labeling should not exist, even if it is determined later on that some Genetically Modified components are, in fact, safe. We require that substances on the Generally Recognized As Safe list be included on food labels, and the exemption of GMO components is a clear surrender of the constitutional rights of Americans to special interests that fear that informed people will demand further study of GMO safety. Here is an excellent article to read:

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