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Bring The Bells Of Balangiga Home

The rebuilding of Balangiga, Samar, in the aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) is well under way.

As the townspeople rebuild their lives, their homes and their beloved town, it becomes clearer and clearer that strength of spirit will always be the one element that will see us through this difficult time.

It is time to rebuild that spirit. The church of Balangiga has always been the center of our faith and unity as a town and as a people. It has always been at the heart of Balangiga's history, and that of the Philippines as well.

As we rebuild the heart of our town, the Balangiga Church, there is one thing missing that will help make this spirit whole.

The bells of Balangiga Church.

These bells, lost in a dark and stormy time of our history before the United States and the Philippines embraced their brotherhood, had always been the voice of our unity and spirit. Their ringing had always rallied us as a people, calling us to work together as one.

At no other time in our history have we needed the bells of Balangiga more than now.

We ask that you help bring back the song to the heart of Balangiga. We ask that you return these bells to their rightful home, the Balangiga Church in Samar.

The aftermath of Yolanda (Haiyan) has led to an amazing thing: the people of various nations working side by side to help rebuild a devastated nation. It is a phenomenon that tells us change has come, our wars are a thing of the past, and that it is a new day in the history of our two nations, and of the world.

With the return of the bells of Balangiga, we will, together, not just rebuild a church and strengthen the spirit of a devastated town, we will be strengthening the ties that bind us.

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