Over $116 BILLION in "UNPAID" Child Support in the U.S.!!

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The OCSE is a very Broken system Nationwide! This petition is for REFORM of the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) and to bring awareness to the Difficulties many parents experience, when trying to collect child support from a Deadbeat Parent.

Deadbeat Parent meaning: The Non-Custodial parent (NCP) who Intentionally Evades the OCSE and their Legal and Moral Child Support obligations. Parents who keep nothing in their name that can be attached. The parent who DOES NOT Cooperate with OCSE or The Courts. The NCP who is BEATING THE System!!

Millions of Families/Children Rely on their Local Child Support Enforcement Office and the Services they offer, to Collect Child Support "Rightfully" owed their children. Services like... LOCATING and "SERVING" Non-custodial Parent, Establishing Paternity, Establish Court Orders and ENFORCING Court Orders.  Interstate cases being the Most Diffucult.

 Today, in the U.S. there is over $116 BILLION in "UNPAID" Child Support.This enormous amount grows Daily. Most of which is NOW owed to Families, NOT the State! This is UNACCEPTABLE! Most Custodial,parents would perfer Child Support INSTEAD of WELFARE!! The current OCSE system, is DEPRIVING U.S. Children of Basic Needs and is in desperate need of Reform!

Unfortunately, The OCSE "Priortizes" which cases they will ENFORCE! Focusing "ONLY"on the NCP who is NOT running & hiding, and who's wages can be easily garnished! THE EASY "Automated" CASES!! The more difficult cases, like mine and a Million others, are CLOSED! Such Priortizing, is Discriminating!!  "ALL" Child Support cases deserve to be a PRIORITY! Some cases have been waiting as long as 2 DECADES for Enforcement! Again, this is UNACCEPTABLE!


CLOSING "UNPAID" Child Support cases without exhausting "ALL" remedies that are available under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.  (Both Local & Federal) ALLOWS  Deadbeat parents to Neglect their Legal and Moral Child Support obligation to their children, with Little or NO Consequences at all!

CLOSING Child Support cases is a HUGE problem, within the OCSE system, and now it is Automated! This must be CHANGED,To Help Children/Families, and NOT Deadbeat parents.

Also, Closing "Unpaid" Child Support cases, makes the OCSE'S percentage of collections "LOOK" great on paper, To receive more Government Funding $$$ for Themselves. This is so WRONG!  

Any Reform or Releif you can provide these Children/Families would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You for your Time,

 Child Support Arrears per State:


Criminal Nonsupport 50 State Table-


 Major Change in Who is owed Arrears:


CASE CLOSURE:  http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/css/resource/clarification-of-case-closure-criteria

 OCSE Preliminary Report to Congress 2013:  http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/css/resource/fy2013-preliminary-report

 CHILD SUPPORT LIFTS CHILDREN OUT of POVERTY! 4.2 million custodial families were poor in 2011. Nearly all of these families are headed by a female custodial parent. Many are young, never married, and a member of a minority. Most have two or more children eligible for child support. These families struggle to make ends meet.


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BILLION$$ of "UNDISTRIBUTED" Child Support!                                                                                             http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/css/resource/fy2013-preliminary-report-table-p-16