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Petitioning President and Congress of the united States

Make the captivity of marine mammals illegal in the United States

The captivity of cetaceans is one of the cruelest forms of animal abuse known to man from capture, slaughter of remaining pods to the enslavement for the entertainment of people.

Letter to
President and Congress of the united States
President of the United States, the members of the United States Congress, and Senate,
We have made this petition to show you that the people of this nation and people from throughout the world would like to see the end of the captivity of cetaceans, and other marine mammals in America. It is a proven fact that these animals do not live a full life in captivity and is a cruel act. Dolphins and whales are very intelligent and social animals and need to live with their family unit.
The captivity of cetaceans is not just bad for the captives it is detrimental to the pod for which they were taken from. Places like Taiji, Japan will capture an entire pod of cetaceans, pick out a few young dolphins or whales, and then kill off the rest to feed the mercury laced meat to unknowing people of Japan.
Please take 90 minutes out of your day and watch the movie “The Cove”, and or read “Death at SeaWorld”. It explains, and shows how and why this should be illegal in the United States.
Thank You,

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