Remove Burger King from University Hospital in Newark NJ

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In June 2017, The American Medical Association passed a resolution to hereby call on US hospitals to improve the health of patients, staff, and visitors by providing and promoting plant-based meals that are low in fat, sodium, and added sugars for hospital patients, staff, and visitors, and eliminating the use of processed meats from patient menus.

On University Hospital's website they write :

OUR VISION is to create the best possible environment for our patients to heal, our physicians to practice and our employees to work.

Regrettably, the food environment at University hospital is inconsistent with this VISION and we hope the AMA resolution will encourage the CEO and board of directors to acknowledge a need for change to the environment. This includes removing foods which have been shown to fuel chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity; and instead  promote and offer healthy plant- based options to patients, visitors, employees and students.