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American Correctional Association: Remove Accreditation from Prisons Only Feeding Two Meals to Prisoners

To save money, Texas prison officials have stopped serving three meals a day to prisoners on the weekends. This is inhumane and prisoners should be given adequate nutrition.

I'm starting this petition because my dad is sick and in prison. He is currently taking treatments to keep his liver healthy and keep him alive and a side effect of the medication is that he will loose weight. Now that he is not receiving enough food to eat it is impossible for him to stay healthy.

Reducing meals for prisoners is inconsistent with the standards adopted by the American Correctional Association. The association recommends serving three meals per day in adult prisons. While variations are allowed based on weekend and holiday food-service, the standards do not state that the variations can be done every weekend or as a cost-cutting measure.

The American Correctional Association should uphold these standards and remove accreditation from any prison that does not meet these standards.

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