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Stop Killing Egyptian Dogs

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In Egypt we don't have Rabies in dogs, no single case reported since pharaohs, But we have Rabies in human minds who is keep killing innocent souls everyday for no reason, dear president, good morning, Did you know that our schools even international schools never teach our babies what does a dog mean? Do you know that your government is killing dogs every day because nobody knows how to avoid get bitten and how to deal with a dog generally? do you know that almost all bite cases is done because the victim run when he see a dog because nobody teach him the suitable reaction? do you know why dogs created by god and what is their rule on earth? do you know that killing dogs will never stop dogs from biting people? because you will never kill even 1% of them

Finally, just to let you know that a tourist never come to such a country killing her dogs, also god will never let such a country win while it's killing the number one friend to humans, which is dog, please stop killing god's creatures, please be a human

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