Save our #JerseyShore! Stop the industrial wind farms off the coast of the United States!

Save our #JerseyShore! Stop the industrial wind farms off the coast of the United States!

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Save Our Shoreline New Jersey #JerseyShore Stop the wind farms off the coast of NJ #WindFarm started this petition to NJ Governor Phil Murphy and

We, the residents, homeowners,  business owners, and visitors of the beloved #JerseyShore New Jersey coastal communities, (stakeholders), want to stop the Nation’s largest coastal industrial wind farm with over 200 turbines from moving forward.  We believe the wind farms will have a negative impact on our fisheries, tourism, real estate, environment and local economies. 

Our local, state and federal government officials, including the NJ Board of Public Utilities, have presented these industrial wind farms as green and clean. Evidence contradicts this premise.  As stakeholders, we believe the proposed industrial wind farms will have several adverse consequences. We ask that the responsible parties thoroughly examine the points below and terminate the projects immediately. 

Issues affecting professional and recreational fishing communities 

  • Vibrations and noise from turbine construction and operation are detrimental to marine animals
  • Cold pooling  - Rotating turbine blades and their bases in the water disrupt the natural cycling of water temperature that fish and shellfish depend on to migrate, breed and flourish, thus driving fish out of vast areas along the NJ coast
  • EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields) disturb fish migration patterns 
  • Loss of commercial and recreational fishing grounds
  • Radar & Navigational Hazards
  • Coast Guard high seas rescue issues and potential interference

Environmental Hazards 

  • Disposal of turbine blades - having only a 15-25 year lifespan - after which each 351 foot non-recyclable blade gets buried in the ground 
  • Leakage of hazardous materials - oil leakage from turbines is not uncommon
  • EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields) - safety concern for residents and wildlife
  • In considering the comprehensive cost of offshore wind turbine production (manufacturing, transportation and installation), we must also consider the carbon footprint involved in all these processes

Wildlife and their habitats 

  • Negative effects to marine mammals and black sea bass during construction (pile driving)
  • Negative effects on protected species - brown sharks & sand tiger sharks
  • Harm or death to birds (estimated up to 500k/year in the USA), bats, fish, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, whales, etc. 

Negative impact on Tourism and Coastal Economies 

  • 200+ turbines are projected to be 835 feet tall and wider than 2 football fields. 
  • Turbines will be visible from the beaches and negatively affect fishing (see above) 
  • Industrializing our natural ocean views will decrease tourism, affecting small and large business - everything from sandwich shops to real estate sales 
  • Night skies will include blinking & continuous lighting (required for navigation) creating visual pollution 

Financial Impact

  • Electric rates will increase in NJ in order to absorb the cost of the project, which is between $2.106 billion to $4.137 billion 
  • Unproven number of permanent local jobs
  • Turbines will operate at a maximum of 59% efficiency
  • The NJ grid is currently incapable of handling a new flow of energy. Without having both short term and long duration storage solutions (technology isn't there yet) as well as an updated grid the development of offshore wind farms faces major transmission issues. The development's cost will be a huge burden to ratepayers for the next 20+ years. Right now the return on investment is at this point very much unknown.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!