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Petitioning Dr. Rajesh Gopal and 4 others
This petition will be delivered to:
Dr. Rajesh Gopal
Jairam Ramesh
wild life crime control
Mitra rina
Chief Conservator of Forsts
Shri Azam Zaidi
Paryavaran Bhavan


This petition is to stop such incidents as poaching and what happend to
Tigress Jhurhura.

Letter to
Dr. Rajesh Gopal
Jairam Ramesh
wild life crime control Mitra rina
and 2 others
Chief Conservator of Forsts  Shri Azam Zaidi
Paryavaran Bhavan
I bring to you a consolidated appeal from all animal and nature lovers in India. Too many cruelty cases happening and we are failing to save our beloved treasure - The Tiger.

We have few suggestions to save the tiger in their habitats - the national parks:

1. Secured Buffer and Corridor: no humans in core n buffer zone they can't co exist
2. Para military force - paramilitary @strategic place specialy watetbodies n sure sighting place .
3. Posts and Base camps at all prominent entrances
4. Controlled and responsible tourism - each vehicle should be checked - no items other than camera should be allowed. No stay options inside. Each tourist should be accompanied by trained driver and guide on rules. Cases on voilation to be booked and made public. No VIP is above law.
5. All Park management in the hands of a central body - MOEF
6. Park money collected to get back to the park and local community for development so that the local community feels responsible towards the park
7. No private vehicle inside the park.
8. No disturbance to mother with cubs till 30 months old,No tiger shows disturbing the personal space.
9. Vet and medical unit in all parks
10. Proper training to park officials and all posts filled