Yo Quiero ❤️ East Hill

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Your new Taco Bell will be in the heart of one of the most historic neighborhoods in America. Just this week, Pensacola was ranked among U.S. News & World Report’s 'Top 125' cities to live in.

East Hill has worked very hard to preserve the character of its unique homes, tree-lined avenues and waterfront parks.

The corner of Cervantes and 12th, the site for your new Taco Bell, includes two century homes, framed like a postcard with a cobbled street and heritage trees.

Your plan to replace these assets with a standard-issue Taco Bell has been quite disheartening. As you have done in Fort Collins, Colorado, we urge you to embrace a design that reflects the character of the oldest settlement in America.

1} Donate the historic homes, to be moved instead of demolished
2} Preserve the trees 
3} Upgrade the design to reflect the existing style of East Hill
4} Encourage walk-ability by orientating the dining space along the street
5} Ensure the drive-through will not damage the original bricks of 12th Avenue

Sincerely, Pensacola, Florida