Preserve our Quality of Life in Twin Rivers

Preserve our Quality of Life in Twin Rivers

March 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Danelle Cubria

We, the residents of Twin Rivers, in Parrish, FL, are opposed to PLN2103-0122, Estates at Rivers Edge.  This planned project goes before the Planning Commission on April 14th and to the Board of County Commissioners on May 5th to request a rezone. The proposed project is to develop 42 acres located at 2401 Twin Rivers Trail into 126 residential homes in addition to a 5,000 sq ft Residential Support Use building with a 4,700 sq ft playground with 69 parking spaces.

We understand that while this rezone and site plan may be allowable under the Land Development Code, IT IS NOT REASONABLE. Estates at Rivers Edge is built for cost effectiveness and far from conformity and consideration to its bordering properties and characterization of OUR community that it is landlocked within.

Conformity is defined as: similarity in form, type, agreement in character…a Continuous Sequence.

To conform to Twin Rivers, this project would need to:

1.       Eliminate the Residential Support Use Buildingthis would eliminate

a.       The commercial component of a Childcare Facility - which is only allowable because Mulholland Road, a local road located 1.5 miles WITHIN our community continues to be classified as a Collector Road

b.      The proposed estimate of 238 vehicle trips daily on our roads.

c.       The playground and the related noise in the backyards of our residents on 27th Ct E

d.      The view of asphalt and the proposed 69 parking spaces, as well as the lights associated with a parking lot

e.      The redundancy. Part of the acreage in the Master Twin Rivers PDR approval already allows a parcel to be a Childcare Facility or other Residential Support Use. This is WITHIN our community property lines and we do not need another one.

2.       Drastically reduce its density

a.       To be similar to Twin Rivers gross density of .557 DU / AC. This would be approximately 23 homes at this parcel. The current plan is 548% over our density.

b.      This would decrease the load of proposed traffic by 972 vehicle trips daily on Twin Rivers Trail, 29th Ct E, and Mulholland Road.

3.       Increase its Roadway buffers and Greenbelt buffers - to be similar to our buffers, for a continuous sightline, as well as provide an overall vegetation buffer for the Twin Rivers Community.

4.       Increase its Open Space Areas - this would preserve more Native and Non-Native Upland Habitats and the environment abutting Gamble Creek; the current plan proposes 75% of the required open area space is one Storm Water Pond

5.       Design – Please ensure this proposed plan holds up to our standards of design and marketability. Our Twin Rivers homes all maintain minimum sq footage, number of garages, front/rear/side setbacks, and maximum height restrictions.

We understand the landowner’s property rights are available for a rezone for residential development. We are asking for this Proposed Plan that lies within our community to be more in continuity of character and design with us. Estates at Rivers Edge will not be a part of us, nor part of our HOA, but we will be forced to be its’ neighbors. If Estates at Rivers Edge is approved, the families and employees using the Childcare facility would have access to our amenities and commute multiple times daily on the local streets that our residents reside on and caretake, and where our homes are front-facing -- all while having no investment or regard to us. If this proposed plan is approved, it will be a detriment to our quality of life and our property values. We are asking the Board of County Commissioners to DENY this Plan as is.

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Signatures: 951Next Goal: 1,000
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