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Preserve Our Oceans for Future Generations

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The ocean sustains the world with the basic elements of life – it produces over half of the oxygen in the air we breathe, and it plays a critical part in storing about 90 percent of the evaporated water that becomes part of the water cycle that keeps us healthy and growing.

Regardless of where we live, the ocean and its life continues to nurture and sustain all of us, and this is why we’re asking that you join us in taking the Healthy Ocean pledge to preserve our planet’s most valuable resource for future generations.

Species such as dolphins, turtles, sharks, and birds are impacted by daily human activities such as shipping, oil and gas development, overfishing, and pollution. Through our pledge, you’ll be able to help us monitor and protect species in the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic, and the Pacific Coast. Sea life is an important indicator of the how healthy the surrounding ocean is, and if these species can not thrive, neither can the humans that also depend on these waters.

Today America’s ocean and coasts provide jobs for 2.3 million people in thousands of communities. To keep our ocean economy healthy, we must prevent overfishing, create a network of underwater parks called marine protected areas, and find innovative ways to balance shipping and boating needs with the protection of critical ocean and coastal habitats.

We just need to commit to cleaning up the ocean, securing sustainable practices, and creating policies to protect the ocean’s habitats and wildlife. Do so by joining us today and taking the Healthy Ocean pledge!

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