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Preserve Jackson Park!! Stop the Parkway Bridge and Retaining Wall Options!

Jackson Park is one of the natural gems of Peterborough Ontario It should be preserved intact for enjoyment of this and future generations. A bridge through the center of Jackson Park would take two years of construction, disrupt the flora and fauna of this beautiful natural habitat, create untold noise and light pollution, as well as ruin the aesthetics of this majestic natural space.

A retaining wall by the pond at the Pagoda footbridge near the Park's entrance would also create a major disruption to the park and put two lanes of traffic virtually on top of the trail running on the east side of the pond.

Letter to
Consultant Project Manager AECOM Kevin Jones
City Councilor Lesley Parnell
City Councilor Bill Juby
and 9 others
City Councilor Keith Riel
City Councilor Len Vass
City Councilor Andrew Beamer
City Councilor Bob Hall
City Councilor Dean Pappas
City Councilor Jack Doris
City Councilor Henry Clarke
Mayor of Peterborough Daryl Bennett
City Councilor Dan McWilliams
Stop a bridge and retaining wall from being built in Jackson Park as Parkway options.

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