Preserve Dublin, CA by upholding existing immigration laws

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Statistics of criminal aliens released by sanctuary cities / 2014

Goal Summary :: Enforce existing immigration laws that have been passed by Congress since 1965 (with many provisions remaining from immigration laws passed in 1924 and 1952).  

Problem Summary :: Dublin, CA. is already a diverse, close-knit & family-oriented community. This measure to declare Dublin a sanctuary city attempts to address a non-existent issue but will create very real safety and financial issues that will have long reaching negative impacts to the citizens and legal immigrants in Dublin; a city that is already bursting at the seams, struggling with over-crowding and finding funds for critical services & infrastructure improvements. 

Solution Summary ::

  1. Please sign & share this petition.  
  2. Please attend the city council meeting at the Dublin Civic Center on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 at 7:00pm to urge our city council to respect & obey existing immigration laws.
  3. You may also download our physical petition and email it back to "" or bring it to the city council meeting on March 7th.

Request to Dublin City Council :: As government officials you took an oath to uphold laws....all laws...not just the ones you "feel" are correct.  Police officers cannot pick and choose which laws they deemed worthy of enforcing and neither should a city council.  A measure with such heavy & dire consequences for our citizens should not be decided upon by a mere 3 votes.

Making Dublin a sanctuary city not only violates long existing immigration laws, we will also be in violation of 8 US Code 1324 and 8 US Code 1373

"All Americans, not only in the States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. ​The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public services they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.  We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it.

~ ​Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States / State of the Union Address, 1995


Greetings -

If you've read this far without throwing something at your monitor...thank you kindly.  Please allow me to relay a brief personal story.


My Great-Grandfather, in his early 50's, came to America to escape Communism.  He was a good and decent man. He owned several bakeries in his home town and at times if someone poor came in, he would give them something to eat, free of charge.  When Communism took hold, they would drag him out of his store and bash his knees and shins with batons.

My Great-Grandfather knew that if he stayed in a Communist country his future generations would not have a decent life.  So he made the long grueling trek to America in hopes to obtain citizenship, which at the time was extremely difficult.  He had a Wife, 3 Sons, 1 Daughter, and 8 Grandchildren.  One of those Grandsons would eventually be my Father.  As my Great-Grandfather became a US Citizen he was able to file paperwork to bring his family over.  He dreamed of reuniting his family in a land where they could start over, build a better life, and keep it.

He would never see his family in person again and died alone.

Why? Because his family went through the immigration process, waited to come over and refused to break the law.  By the time his family made it the shores of Hawaii, my Great-Grandfather had already passed away.

Thanks to my Great-Grandfather's determination, work ethic, and sacrifice, at a time when he should be nearing retirement, my parents, siblings, and now our young families have a life that my Great-Grandfather always dreamed about.


My Great-Grandfather's story is not unique as many of my friends' families share a similar journey.  Most recently, my friend Brandon from South Africa, who I've known for over decade, became a US Citizen in late January 2017.  Over the course of the last decade, Brandon has had to go back to South Africa a handful of times, fill out countless forms, and patiently worked through our legal process.

I know more immigrant families than non-immigrant families. And not a single person in my family, not a single family of my friends, despite our heartbreaking histories, support illegal immigration or sanctuary cities.

Why? Because they came here to escape lands without laws and here we are slowly turning America into the same lawless land they've sacrificed so much to escape.


The Problem

On February 7th, 2017, a measure was brought forth to turn Dublin, CA into a sanctuary city.  This measure is attempting to solve a non-existent issue.  Dublin, and by extension the Tri-Valley area, is a diverse, close-knit community that still holds family values, safety, good education, and hard work in high regard.

My Wife and I have witnessed our community, made up of all nationalities, come together to help when a neighbor is in need.  We've raised money, we've brought food, we've donated our time & talents, and countless other acts of goodness when a family is hurting.

No one is being harassed.  No one is being oppressed.  No one is prevented from worshiping the religion of their choice.  No one is being asked about their immigration status.  So essentially we are creating a multitude of very real safety and financial issues in an attempt to address a non-existent problem.

Regardless of where we started from, the one thing Dublin residents share in common is how hard we had to work and continue to work to afford to live in Dublin and the Tri-Valley.  We do so because of the good schools, family-oriented environment, and safe neighborhoods.

This sanctuary measure will erode the fabric of our city and create an environment that is the opposite of why we chose to raise our families here.

The sanctuary city proposal rests on 2 false premises:

False Premise #1: Community Policing

It assumes that when local police works with federal law enforcement to enforce immigration laws then illegal immigrants would be less likely to be come forward to be witnesses to crimes and/or report crimes even when they are the victim; it assumes this will break the trust between officers and the community they serve.

There is no evidence whatsoever to show that there is a decline in crime reporting by immigrants when there is cooperation between local law enforcement and ICE.  In fact, an academic study was done a few years ago in Prince William, Virginia that when surveyed why an illegal immigrant didn't report a crime, the reasons whereas follows in specific order:

  1. Language barrier.
  2. Did not know how to report the crime.
  3. Did not know it was even a crime.

These issues can be addressed by using tried and true, common sense community policing tactics such as hiring officers that speak the language of the community, anonymous tip lines, and community outreach programs to ensure that when you are an innocent victim or witness to a crime that you will be safe from immigration inquires.

All that being said, even IF it were true that cooperation declined between illegal immigrants and local police, we can apply this to any crime. We should then turn a blind eye to burglary so that thieves would be more likely to report murders.  It defies logic and creates a dangerous precedence.

False Premise #2: The federal arm of law enforcement cannot compel/commandeer local officers to enforce federal laws

"Compel" or "Commandeer" are gross misnomers.  Federal officers do not "compel" local officers to assist with the terrorism task force, they do not "commandeer" local officers for the narcotics task force; it's called "cooperation".  It is no different from Texas extraditing a Californian criminal back to California to stand trial; Texas is not "enforcing California laws", they are simply assisting in stopping criminals.

While it is true that the federal government cannot "make" local law enforcement help with their work, the question is why would a city NOT want to fully cooperate with federal law enforcement to rid our city of illegal immigrants who commit crimes? 


Financial concerns

  1. Real possibility of federal funding loss. Consider all the infrastructures and services we have in Dublin that depend on federal funding from prisons to section 8 housing to parks to schools.  How would we make up the deficit? Higher taxes for Dublin residents?
  2. As a city we are already bursting at the seams with all the new housing.  Are we really prepared to announce that we can take care of more illegal aliens?
  3. We JUST had to come to terms with the closure of our high school swimming pool because we could not afford to keep that open as well as the new water park.  If we cannot even provide our high school with a swimming pool, why are we prepared to welcome more illegal aliens?
  4. In the future when we apply for federal grants, will it be more likely to be turned down?  Will we again make up the shortage by increasing taxes for Dublin residents?

All these real life scenarios are serious issues that will potentially impact the lives of all our citizens and their families.  Once a city slowly loses its ability to invest in schools, roads/sidewalks, parks, libraries, and general infrastructures that enhance the quality of life, that is when a city starts its deterioration. As a result home values consistently declines and that is when solid, law abiding, tax paying families leave.



If we ever hope to have meaningful dialog and improve immigration protocols, we have to stop the dishonesty.  It is extremely dishonest to label anyone "anti-immigration".  I challenge anyone to name one policy or law maker at the local, state or federal level that is against immigration. 

No one is against immigration.  That is simply absurd.  People are against ILLEGAL immigration.  This should not be a difficult distinction and we need to stop the disingenuous characterization.

Laws are in place for a reason. If we choose to challenge/amend them then we do so by going through the proper channels.  However, to encourage a city to ignore existing immigration laws is irresponsible, immoral, and a grave insult to my Great-Grandfather and all those millions of people like him who did it the right way.

Let us focus our efforts to those who are here legally and help them get their citizenship faster, instead of encouraging more illegal immigration to our small city that we cannot possibly support.

Thank you.
~ Alvin Lui

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