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Petitioning United States Secretary of State John Kerry and 11 others

Pres Obama and Sec of State Kerry: Reject the Enbridge "Alberta Clipper" Tar Sands Pipeline increase.

Enbridge, the largest Canadian oil transport corporation, has a 285-mile tar sands pipeline across northern Minnesota crossing the Mississippi headwaters.

Enbridge requested an increase of 27 percent to 570,000 barrels per day in a pipeline operating since 2010. The majority of this oil is for export.

The deal must be okayed by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry because it is an international transaction. The increase in tar sands oil is equivalent to the combined exhausts of 5.5 million continuously operating cars.

What happens to the water, happens to the people.

Letter to
United States Secretary of State John Kerry
United States of the America President Barack Obama
Minnesota Governor
and 9 others
President of the United States
Governor Mark Dayton
Representative Rick Nolan
Senator Al Franken
Representative Collin Peterson
Representative Keith Ellison
Representative Betty McCollum
Senator Amy Klobuchar
Secretary of State John Kerry (Secretary of State)
Reject the Enbridge "Alberta Clipper" Tar Sands Pipeline increase.

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