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Pres. Duterte, Enforce R.A. 9275 - Clean Water Act - Dahil Krimen Din ang Pagpatay sa Ilog

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Water and food are the topmost requirements to sustain life. You can sense something is not right when people have to buy their drinking water. And it's totally wrong to let river pollution happen when it poses risks to food production. If we don't act now, thirst and lack of food, aside from waterborne diseases, will hasten the demise of many in 2025, when the "global water crisis" sets in. Are we prepared for it?

The sorry state of our rivers tells us we are far from being safe. The fact is we already have a water crisis. In Ibaan, a primarily hog-raising municipality in Batangas, volunteers are in the middle of a hopeless drive against pig farm waste left and right. The water from the river can no longer serve the needs of (1) potable water and (2) irrigation because of pig manure pollution. The same is happening to other rivers of neighboring towns, which are tributaries of the Calumpang River in Batangas City, with adverse effects on fishing and farming activities.

We need President Duterte's strict and no-nonsense approach in the implementation of the "Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004". Everyone must know that the deliberate discharge of toxic pollutants (such as pig manure) is liable for criminal charges under the law. Having clean rivers all over the country will ultimately restore public law and order, dissolve chances of corruption in the local government, and allow for more strict business compliance. It will instill discipline in our people, especially the young ones who derive their values from what they see in their environment. Do you want your children to continue to dwell in a community surrounded by waste?

What you see happening to our rivers is indeed a crime in progress. You can remain an accomplice to it, or you can sign this national petition now! Let's bring this to the attention of President Duterte and make change happen to our dying rivers once and for all.

Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004

World Water and Food to 2025

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