Wildlife Bridge on Highway 14 at Wildlife Advocacy Collective

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Dear Premiere John Horgan

We are a wildlife advocacy group in East Sooke /Juan De Fuca. We are writing you today to introduce a vital and urgent concern in regards to the new highway infrastructure plans for Sooke road Hwy 14. Our hopes are to bring to your attention to the need to protect wildlife and human life by implementing a wildlife bridge in the infrastructure plans starting in the summer of 2020.

The statistics have proven deer and other wildlife use wildlife bridges when provided not only allowing them to access their habitat safely but also avoiding car accidents an inhumane death for wildlife.

Langford has the highest calls to conservation for bear conflicts on the southern Vancouver Island. This is caused by fragmented landscapes due to the lack of natural wildlife corridors for them to travel thru. We as Sooke and Juan De Fuca residents want to be more proactive to avoid this fragmentation. Sooke/Westshore has been developing at an alarming rate and to allow these new residents to arrive home safely and without delay we need to put infrastructure in place that is symbiotic to protect humans and wildlife. Also, Juan De Fuca has an abundance of Black Bear, Elk, black tail deer, wolves, cougars and a variety of smaller animals. Many are nocturnal living close to residential areas and will find a wildlife corridor to travel at night. This time of day especial with a larger highway will pose an even greater danger if a wildlife bridge is not provided causing higher expenses due to accidents and emergency response.

There is great support and interest in going forward to build a wildlife bridge we’ve had over 300 likes in 24 hours regarding this subject thru social media. We are asking for revision and planning to include a wildlife bridge between Gilispie and Glitz Lake. This is a highly dense area of wildlife joining both east Sooke to the regional parks and Sooke hills.

This last corner of paradise of the southern island deserves to be protected and respected in the highway design. Let’s put Juan de Fuca and Sooke on the map to set an example to tourists and other communities that we support and care for our wildlife.

We talk about preservation this is our chance to do it!

Sincerely Wildlife Advocate Collective