Pandemic Pay for Frontline workers in Nova Scotia

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“Ontario and Quebec have increased the pay for the continuing care assistants, nurses, and dietary and cleaning staff working in nursing homes during the COVID-19 crisis. It's a recognition that those workers are both needed and putting their own health at risk. But Premier Stephen McNeil has rejected calls to give this province's frontline workers similar recognition; in Nova Scotia, they'll continue on with the same low pay they've always received.”

In Ontario, the pandemic premium will continue for 16 weeks, and employees who work more than 100 hours a month will also receive a bonus of $250.” All we are asking for is a wage top up for ALL frontline workers who risk going into the public everyday to do their jobs during these unforeseen circumstances. We don’t need bonuses, we want compensation and recognition or our risk. Whether there are documented cases in your area or not, you ARE at risk. People travel, we cannot stop them but we can show our frontline workers that their risk IS appreciated and as employees of the healthcare sector, they ARE valued. During these unprecedented times, no one who is considered ‘essential’ should be undervalued; we are essential for a reason! 

Nova Scotia frontline workers are just as much at risk as workers in any other province throughout Canada. We deserve accommodation too. So let’s do something about it.