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Support food freedom


The ability to choose what food we consume is a fundamental right.

Hundreds of millions around the world have been drinking raw milk for thousands of years, yet today, it is illegal to sell it in Canada. However, raw milk is legal to sell in every other G8 country as they have a second set of dairy production standards of sufficiently high caliber to ensure the raw milk comes from healthy animals and is safe to consume.

Pasteurization was instituted in the 1900's to combat various diseases caused by the unsanitary production of milk. How can the milk be safe to drink if the cows are sick, covered in manure, and fed anything but their natural diet of grass? Pasteurization is indeed necessary for unhealthy animals. But milk from healthy animals can be consumed in its natural state as it has been done for millenia.

Raw milk is legal in many places around the world. Canadians should have the same right to choose their food.

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  • Government of Canada
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    Deborah Matthews
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    Michael de Jong
  • Minister of Health, Canada
    Leona Aglukkaq
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    Don McRae
  • Premier of Ontario
    Dalton McGuinty

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