Allow the NSW Churches to have more people as per area rather than limiting to 100 people.

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The Catholic Church has been very co-operative with NSW government and keeping to the regulations given by the health authorities. Now, that the government has been easing restrictions in terms of number of people attending various things in NSW. Restaurants are allowed to have up to 300 people depending on the area, Corporate events 150, Weddings 150 and the sports stadiums can have 50%, that could be in thousands! Whereas, the Churches are conveniently forgotten by our Premier. Our people of faith have been patiently waiting for the required permission to go to Church with their families and friends. We appeal to the NSW Premier to treat the Churches fairly and allow the Churches to have people as per the area capacity rather than sticking to 100.

We assure the Premier of NSW that we will keep to the social distancing of 4 sq mts for each individual. There are large Churches which could be allowed to have more people rather than restricting the number to 100. Please consider our request and do the needful as soon as possible.