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Stop the minimum wage increase to $15 per hour and do something about the rising costs of living!

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We need to stop this huge hike in minimum wage! Everything will go up! The cost of living will have to match the new increase in wages! It isn't fair to have someone that has been at a company for years making $15/$16 an hour that is above minimum wage to soon be making minimum wage and anyone coming into the company making the same wage per hour. People will NOT get a $3.60 per hour wage increase once minimum wage increases. People will be LESS ahead! The only people that will get ahead for a SHORT TIME are the ones making minimum wage... Companies will have to increase costs to be able to pay workers the new wages or lay off workers because they can't afford to pay them the new wage.  It'll be back to where we are now in no time!

They want to make part time works make the same hourly wage as full time works? A lot of companies won't be able to afford that and will either make Full time works part time or lay off Part time workers. 

The government has to figure out another way to help people be able to live above poverty then just increases minimum wage! Why not reduce the cost of living? Or prevent the cost of living from going up if the minimum wage increases?

Please sign the petition and help stop this 32% minimum wage increase!

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