Stop gouging Rural BC on gas prices

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Rural BC gets hit the hardest when it comes to gas prices. Urban areas further away from the same bulk plants that rural communities get their fuel from pay more at the pump. Rural BC in the BC Southern Interior pay prices comparable or higher than Vancouver with a 51 cent tax for transit. At the time of this poll Vancouver gas price is 82.9 and Princeton is 107.9 in Osoyoos gas price is 93.9. Princeton is 114km closer to the bulk plant in Kamloops than Osoyoos; Princeton is paying 14 cents more per litre and Princeton is paying 25 cents more per litre over Vancouver where they have more tax per litre. Rural BC does not have the same transit options as urban areas, Rural BC uses more oil and gas to fuel logging, mining, ranching and farming over urban areas. Rural BC should not be paying more than urban areas.  No more gouging Rural British Columbia, we demand equality at the gas pumps.