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Now for the good stuff, we Respectfully Ask John Horgan To Consider This Petition A.S.A.P!

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As a former taxi driver, who has worked in a few cities around BC, I am launching this petition to the BC Government to end the cycle of outdated taxi/ride hail laws.

Greyhound is now gone and left many stranded everywhere across the Province, some forced to take outrageous expensive taxis for long distance runs.

John Horgan stood up for the taxi companies that are getting richer and richer and doing nothing about the drivers meager income and the long waiting lines during peak times.

Let's demand action NOW this year, 2018 as was promised last year, NOT late 2019!

Even if they can push this through by March of 2019 it will be late but at least started.

John Horgan, pass legislation at LEAST allowing former cab drivers with a valid class four license OR a higher class license to provide:

A. A private ride hail service (each owner can have their own clients)


B. Allow UBER or LYFT to hire ONLY those class of drivers for now.

With all of the unemployed truckers and cab drivers like myself, you would be boosting the economy and providing jobs for us.

Currently, all of the taxi services located in the MANY cities and towns are a monopoly in the hands of the rich or wealthy, and the local taxi plate licenses are controlled by each community city hall, which in turn gets power from the Government to refuse any more local taxi plate licenses.

The problem is, the former Government has been petitioned many times over to allow MORE taxi plates to be issues to the CURRENT TAXI COMPANY OWNERS!

This is part of the 'monopoly' of taxis services throughout the province. Read on why this is so unfair, and how YOU can help change it.

As mentioned, I have driven many cities and have come to the conclusion that the owners of these companies just don't give a rats ass about the clients OR drivers!

Many of these taxi owners refuse to upkeep their vehicles to current safety standards and also run the cars 24/7 without any maintenance. Last year, while on the subject, I had a car that I took over on a shift. There was a grinding noise in the rear. Within ten minutes I brought it back to the office and took it into a self-serve service bay.

Underneath the back wheel wells was caked in ice, so bad it was scraping the rubber treads off the brand new snow tires. This was a car I had never driven. After an hour or so on MY time (no pay) and chiseling the ice out from the back wheel wells, I could drive again.

This is a just one example of WHY taxi cars, vans etc. should be retired after a shift, and looked over by a qualified technician. So if a taxi service is 24 hours, then so should the maintenance be.

These greedy money hungry companies do NOT care about the safety, they care about that vehicle making them money 24/7. And I am not the first NOR the last that would say this in private. 

But probably the first to say it in public. I don't care. I am a driver that deserves to feed my family, but I will be damned if I will risk the life of a passenger or myself and drive unsafe equipment, not to mention make some greedy people rich at my hard unpaid labor.

In another city, two years ago, I am fresh in a cab, the first trip, get on the highway and the car starts shuddering at 70k plus. Take it back to the office as I did in the OTHER company car mentioned above and find the wheel RIN had ice packed behind it. It was causing an imbalance and the whole car was left in the garage to thaw.

Incompetence thrives in these owners and NEWLY hired drivers of these companies.

Watch this video, skip to 6.25 and watch the taxi at the lights, and the lights.

That driver should be found and his license taken away. He clearly ignored the light and that is what kills people.

If I had a dash cam for every taxi that runs red lights and cuts off others in Kamloops alone, I would be labeled a RAT because there would be at least 5 drivers in this city that would have lost their license or got penalized with points for these insane actions.

These are NOT real accidents or mistakes, like in the video above, these are 'calculated and decisive' yet WRONGFUL moves planned and executed. 

It does NOT matter if this driver looked both ways and decided there was no traffic, so screw it, run the red light. What matters is the comprehension and dedication of this driver to ensure at ALL times that he obeys the commercial drivers and safety act and law to the fullest at all times.

Even if he/she were in the dead of night, middle of nowhere, no-one around for 100ks, he/she still has the obligation under his/her COMMERCIAL license to obey the traffic laws and practice safety at all times.

If I were chief of licenses, he would never drive a commercial/passenger vehicle again. It has the same consequences as a DUI, foolishness and bad practice causes death.

If anyone has a doubt as to the actions of this driver, I would say the only excuse this driver could have is passenger holding a gun to the drivers head, or a lesser emergency involving saving his or someone else's life like an ambulance. Which I am quite sure was not the case here.

For another instance, in Kamloops, there are two cab services, and they can not provide enough taxis as there are many who refuse to work for them anymore. (me included)

Many of the vehicles have nonworking taillights, headlights, washers, bad suspensions and during peak times they are not inspected, turning this whole scenario into a possible death trap.

Just watch at night, and eventually, you will see a cab with only one headlight or taillight. The next day almost guaranteed you will see the same car, with the same problem.

An example of a terrible vehicle is this: A minivan used to transport CP rail crews has a bad front end alignment, it wobbles at 90k per hour on the highway, the situation is reported to the dispatcher and in the trip book on return and it is noted.

Other divers mock it and say 'ya as they (company) will never do anything about it'

One driver gets out, another gets in with merely a wipe down of the interior of the car, van crew bus etc.

That is just a couple of scenarios that I have encountered. These companies don't deserve to be making millions, living in plush homes, and servicing the public with this garbage.

Quite simply, drivers have quit companies like these as they are biased in many ways and also run their companies inefficiently plus the pay is less than 40 percent at all times.

The drivers should be making at least 60% and the owners 40%, that would allow for the driver to make a decent living instead of paycheck to paycheck, with the company just getting richer and richer.

We have experienced cab drivers on standby, waiting and hoping to launch a NEW cab service in Kamloops.

A service that pays its drivers fairly and keeps their cars up to date and follows the WorkPlace BC laws!

We have heard that UBER may be coming, and THAT is a mistake, simply because of the BS involved and we also feel it is an unsafe alternative.

I personally would NEVER ride down a highway with an UBER driver, are you kidding me? Who's to know if he/she's had previous DUI's etc?

I also don't think drivers should be allowed to transport passengers unless they have held a commercial license like cab drivers and also have had their main license and actual PROVEN road practice for two years or more.

Like a courier job or pizza delivery, that's real hands-on practice.

Last year (no names mentioned) a certain company lost two brand new taxis to incompetent drivers, inexperienced in the snow and so on and so forth.

They throw a driver in with no real highway experience and put peoples lives at risk.

Some of their cars and vans have bad suspension and drivetrain problems as a result of lack of maintenance.

Yes, accidents can happen, but stupidity kills in more cases than accidents!

Let's change that across our Province.

Let's make it an open game for all the experienced drivers such as myself, with over 33 years experience, to open a taxi service and provide a clean safe riding experience for all in the community.

I am just an example, believe me, there are many good drivers out there that sit idle while fools rake in millions and put peoples lives at risk.

Together we CAN change the backward 1960's thinking in the many city halls and this Province's leadership.


I refuse to drive for these companies any more, I want to open a real service in the community I care about and provide a safe, clean and courteous service to all. An I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands like me that will want to do the same.

Time to take back the industry and let the little guy make a real honest and safe buck!

Say yes! For the following reasons:

1. Tell John Horgan to pass legislation removing the barriers for anyone with a clean driving history (at least two years public service) to apply for a taxi plate in ANY city or town where the population exceeds 10k (ten thousand) or more.

1A. Order all cities and towns to allow applications for 'mom and pop taxis' and to NOT allow the current companies, affiliates or employees of the current said to apply for licenses, preventing fraud and yet promoting fairness in all applications.
The following can also be combined with the mom and pop taxi idea, however, if UBER was allowed in, for example, there is little doubt more taxi would then be needed:

2. Tell John Horgan to allow UBER in and allow ONLY PRESCREENED current class four and higher licensed drivers with at least two years clean driving record (no more than 4 demerits) UBER must see and verify a current driver abstract before hiring a driver.

2A. Allow those licensed drivers to have their own clients, including a website and to run ads offering their service, just like a taxi service. Thereby cutting out the middleman UBER or Lyft, and providing more money in the nads of the drivers, who will then spend back into the community.

3. In this case, the city or town hall MUST allow any said such person to be granted a city or town license to offer their services as a private driver service for hire.
3A.The city or town hall should then also require said such driver to provide the current drivers abstract with the same conditions as above before approving the application.

3B. The application MUST be approved if the drivers abstract is clean as mentioned, there must be NO refusal on any grounds, thereby deterring any biased affiliations within city or town halls and the local taxi services.

As a responsible citizen of your community, you owe it to the children who use taxis from school, the seniors who use taxis and everyone else in your community, to ensure they receive a SAFE, FAIR AND RELIABLE taxi service.

Signing today and making a donation to help us fund this whole cause WILL increase the odds of us winning this battle!







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