BC - End Clawbacks, Raise The Rates For Persons With Disabilities Now!

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Since the COVID-19 crisis started in British Columbia, the NDP provincial government has been absolutely silent about supporting Persons With Disabilities. Persons With Disabilities are disproportionately impacted by this crisis because (a) most have chronic health conditions that make them more vulnerable to the disease and (b) many are reliant on provincial government financial assistance through PWD or Income Assistance payments in order to survive. When cheques were issued on March 25th, there was no indication that the government intended to offer additional support to the most vulnerable sector of our province. 

We are calling on Premier John Horgan, Minister Of Social Development And Povery Reduction Shane Simpson and Minister Of Finance Carole James to immediately offer financial relief to the poorest, most vulnerable British Columbians. We want to see the Province:

1. Raise The Rates!
Provincial assistance rates continue to keep Persons With Disabilities below the poverty line. It is time to raise the rates significantly in order to help them get through this crisis.

2. End Clawbacks!
Many Persons With Disabilities work in order to earn extra income, but those who are laid off will see their EI and other federal benefits clawed back dollar for dollar, as they aren't considered earnings exemptions. The Province must change this legislation immediately to allow people to access federal funding.