Open Functional Fitness Facilities in Ontario

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As owners of a functional fitness facility in Ontario we are petitioning for Premier Ford to re-open our type of fitness centre in an early phase of the reopening plan.

It is essential to get our community moving & back to their pre-pandemic levels of sport activity, health & fitness. 

Over the years, we have seen members go from obese to healthy BMI's, reduce hypertension, get off blood pressure medications and move away from the pre-diabetic stage. Our service is part of the solution for helping our community to stay healthy physically, mentally & emotionally. 

Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of our community suffer in each and every of these areas during lockdown.  

Many of us rely on regular, vigorous exercise to manage our anxiety and depression in addition to our physical health.

Facilities like ours are unique in that we can easily & effective created proper physical distancing with individual exercise stations (generously spaced apart). In addition, small groups are coached allowing for orderliness. Proper sanitization and scheduling of space usage is easy to manage. 

We strongly believe it is worth making a distinction between the different types of fitness centres in Ontario. There are a great number of facilities like ours that are positioned to safely and effectively serve our communities in helping with their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.