Lower Rent in Ontario

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There is a housing crisis in Ontario. People are suffering. People are worried. People are turning to Provincial systems for help. We are scared about being homeless now. Are you one of those people?

Did you know that there are 185,000 families on the housing waitlist? The average housing waitlist is 8 years long. There are more people on the waitlist for affordable housing then there are living in affordable housing for example.

The Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association estimates that Ontario’s social housing stock has a $2.6 billion capital repair backlog, and the Ontario government won't help? In Toronto, for example, thousands of families may lose their homes due to a lack of funding for social housing repairs. Toronto Community Housing plans to close 1000 units in 2018 as a result of a lack of funding for repairs. That's more then 1000 people who will end up on the streets because THE GOVERNMENT DID NOT MAINTAIN THEIR PROPERTIES.

Rental rates are VERY unreasonable. The average one bedroom unit is $1600-$1800 plus utilities, a 2 bedroom is $1700-$2000 plus utilities, 3 bedrooms are $2400-$3000 plus utilities. How can a family afford that? How does someone beginning their adult life make a start? How does a senior on a limited pension survive?

Many people are downsizing based on the rental costs because they are so in-affordable but now Landlords won't rent to people based on unit size & number of people. Example, family of 4(1 adult, 3 children) moving into a 2 bedroom unit. Children get rooms, parent sleeps on couch. Landlords are saying that's to many people, to much wear and tear. Where is someone supposed to go if that's all they can afford?

The information required to secure a rental is out of this world! It's to the point it is invading on your personal privacy. You have to expose every aspect of yourself and life in the hopes! of securing a rental. Photo's of your current rental/past rental, multiple landlord references going back as far as 3 landlords, bank statements being copies of your personal bank account, character references, Credit Score that a Landlord HAS access to but we have to pay for it as it can't be more then 30 days old. That gets so costly having to garner reports month after month. Especially when it takes on average a year now to find a rental. Employment Letter, proof of your debt load, pets. T4's, a copy of your tax return. Pre Application, Application, interviews. I have even seen Landlords request formal presentations! A hundred families vying for one unit is normal now. The Landlord now has this personal information for over a hundred people!? How do we know our information is secure and not ending up in fraudulent hands? I am understanding some info is required but the level it's being taken to now crosses a line.

Doug Ford is ENDING RENT CONTROL IN ALL OF ONTARIO on all newly built units. The Government says it will encourage more developers to build affordable housing but with no rates in place, who will be able to afford these new units?

Minimum wage is $14/hr here in Ontario. That's roughly $1650 a month you get to take home. Add in utility costs - heat/hydro/water/tenant insurance - avg $400/mth, food - $400/mth(single person example) and you tell me Mr. Premier, how does someone make it? You need a minimum of $2400/mth to survive in a one bedroom unit but fall short by $800/mth based on earnings.

This link will lead you to the various living wages that are needed to survive in various parts of Ontario for example. As you will see, we Ontarians fall well below those levels.

With loosing so much of our Manufacturing sector, we will now have a Province that is serviced based. We know wages in the service industry are not the same as those in the Manufacturing sector. Our Private sector is not in line with those within the Public sector so anyone amongst the Private sector is now struggling to survive each day.

Now the next stop on Premier Ford's list is bringing back work to rule for Ontario Works. See link.

Now I don't disagree in the sense that people can and should be productive. My issue with this is that the Premier is now sending people out there to obtain employment in a mostly service based Industry. Forcing people out there to work for that $14.00/hr that won't even get you a rental! or else you can afford the rental but not the food or utilities. All of which are VITAL NECESSITIES.

We have to stand up, band together and hold strong against what the Government is doing to the people of Ontario and their rights to have an affordable roof over their head for themselves or for their family.

Mr. Premier, you are hurting the very people who keep this Province going. If this is truly about the people, for the people then you won't turn a blind eye to thousands of Ontarian's who are now on the verge on homelessness.


Possible solutions are:

-Increasing wage to living wage standard

-Rent Controls based on renovations. I say this because people are getting kicked out for renovations. Then the home owner charges more for rent when the reno's are done. After a few years those reno's are paid for so that increase in rent is profit. Finally, when that home owner sells that home, they profit again. We are paying for those renovations through our rents and they get to double profit?

-Rental Hotline to report Property Management Companies & Landlords to that don't follow the Residential Tenancy Act & then have the Government issue a large fine to said Company/Landlord for not adhering to the Act. When the Government collects those fines, put them into the Affordable Housing Fund for repairs for example.

- Have rental rates based on square footage, similar to the Commercial Industry - example a 2000 sq. ft home goes for $2000 per month whereas an 800 sq. ft home is $800 per month. Now I am understanding that usually property tax is incorporated into monthly rents. Personally that should be the property owner's responsibility. They chose to buy the property for rental purposes to garner income for example. They should pay their tax on it.

- If renovations have to be completed then the Landlord needs to help the tenant find temporary housing and then they get to return to their unit for the same rental amount. No increase.

If anyone has other ideas for possible solutions post them as a comment for the Government to see. Thank you.