Fair funding for Ontario Autistic Children!

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My 6 year old son Christopher has autism. He is currently receiving full time intense therapy, 35 hours a week which has been covered by the Ontario government.

On February 6th, the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services Lisa Macleod  announced changes to the current OAP Ontario Autism Program which will greatly effect my son as well as so many others. The government has decided to substantially reduce funding for all autistic children. With these major changes my son will go from having full time one on one therapy to having roughly 5 hours per month! Could you imagine your boss at work coming to you saying that your full time hours are now cut down to only one shift basically!  Just like you rely on your pay from work, my son relies on his therapy to help him with his life skills. This is not fair for my child and, all the other children and their families who are effected by this.

We need the Ford government to create a fair funding systems based on a child's needs and not age. My son is an amazing little boy and deserves the help he so desperately needs to thrive! Please help me fight for my son's future and, all the autistic children these changes will effect!