DOUG FORD: Plan to make Ontario accessible 100% for ALL people IMMEDIATELY!

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Dear Mr Ford. 

Please note I am not a "special interest" group and in fact, act on behalf of everyone including you.

I would like to see you create a plan to make Ontario accessible to over 1.9 million Ontarians who have any kind of disability.   Many of whom voted for you. 

I know there are some laws in place and some to be implement by 2025.  I'd like speed and fire put on these as I would prefer to LIVE now and not die before I see a better future.   A future that currently has so many barriers it's a feat just to get out the door.

Past January, former Lieutenant Governor David Onley gave the Government a report that said that Ontario is full of "countless, dispiriting, soul-crushing barriers" for people with disabilities.   I have personally experienced and witnessed others going through so much unnecessary red tape and it is an embarrassment to Canada. A land that should be well more advanced than other countries and yet lacking on a grand scale with many failures that should not exist.

Accessibility is not "red tape" but vital to Ontarian's prosperity.

For example,

Why is WSIB denying legitimate claims where upon clients have to hire lawyers, to eventually settle as it was supposed to be, when all they want is help getting back to work?  The long process that often prolongs healing and causes further damage? An accessible vehicle? Physiotherapy?  Immediate medical treatments to prevent further health deterioration?   I can assure you their lack of proper support to people with disabilities is destructive and in my humble opinion, malicious and inhumane.

Why is there such a waitlist for life-sustaining surgeries where quite often people dying waiting?

Why do companies only get a slap on the wrist when they don't comply with proper accessibility of their property or services?   Sidewalks not properly shovelled?  Broken glass on the grounds?  Medical/legal buildings not wheelchair accessible?  2019 and many still don't have automatic buttons?  Many still deny service dog assistance?  Ignorance is often used as an excuse and yet they repeat the offence. 

When I cannot gain entrance into a CEO's office what do you think it tells me? 

My favourite: your representatives' office of which many are not accessible. That tells me that the government does not care about the people that rely on it.

There are many city issues that should be under the responsibility of councillors. What are you prepared to do to ensure that EVERYONE care enough about other human beings to do better? Ensure a safe environment? A clean neighborhood?  Too much to ask?

Love is a small word and yet can fill many a belly. Show mercy on the people.  Not all of us are born into royalty but all of us (for the most part) have mothers.  Some share the same mother.  Be it blood mother  or our beautiful planet.

What is your plan to lead Ontario to become accessible to Ontarians with disabilities NOW and by 2025?  That is the deadline that the Disabilities Act (AODA)sets.

Please let the public know you are human and that you do care and most of all, please do not fail us.

L.C.  Di Marco, B.A., M.E.S., Mgt