Keep U​.​S flights OUT of Bermuda!

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Bermuda is due to accept flights from the United States in a few short days.

The U.S. is the world's epicenter of COVID-19 with new cases surging out of control each day. The decision to allow American tourists onto our shores is questionable at best, and puts our citizen's health and safety in jeopardy.

Bermuda has done a great job of keeping spread to a minimum so far, but opening our borders to COVID hotspots can quickly derail our progress, eventually leading to widespread sickness, hospitalizations and ultimately deaths. Although we are promised there will be testing protocols in place, it only takes ONE case to slip under the radar for a detrimental chain of events to ensue (via superspreaders, etc). By then it could be too late for us to catch up.

Other places around the world have shown us that rushing back to normalcy is a big mistake. States that reopened had sharp increases of infections and deaths. Air travel from the U.S. is currently banned in the EU and Canada among others, and there is no reason we cannot follow suit.

We understand and sympathize with the hardships in our tourism sector, but we must look at the bigger picture at stake. If our cases rise and we must return to phase one, our entire economy will be worse off, possibly beyond repair. Another lockdown will only prolong small business suffrage, and keep many of us at home instead of back to work. We love our American neighbors and will welcome them back in due time, but right now we need to be sensible and delay. Let's accept tourism from places that are not on the sharp incline.

We know tourists will be tested and remain quarantined for 72 hours, but given the virus has a possible 14 day incubation period that does not offer much solace.

We are asking Premier David Burt to DELAY all flights from the U.S. until there's a downward trend in their cases. We CARE about the elderly. We CARE about the sick and immunocompromised. We CARE about our little island Bermuda and it's people. We say NO to American flights!

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