Ban Duck Shooting

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Each year in Victoria the tranquility of our wetlands is destroyed by a State sanctioned massacre. After the opening weekend on Saturday the 16 March 2019 gun shots will ring out in the pre-dawn darkness for the next three months.

Duck numbers are still recovering after low water levels in recent years and protected species and other waterbirds often fall victim to duck hunters. In addition to this our native water birds will be under attack from thousands of shooters, who are often inexperienced and reckless. Many birds will be shot but not killed outright and will be left to die slow torturous deaths or will drown, unable to swim or fly any further due to painful injuries.

Duck shooting has been banned in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales and according to a 2007 Morgan Poll, an overwhelming 87% of Victorians support a ban on duck shooting, including many who live locally to wetlands where duck shooting takes place. It seems undeniable that the Victorian Government’s policies on this issue are lagging behind the current values and beliefs of our society.  

Our native water birds have the right to live unharmed and in peace in their natural home. Please help to end this barbarism, tell our Premier the killing must end now!

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