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Petitioning Premier of BC Christy Clark and 6 others
This petition will be delivered to:
Premier of BC
Christy Clark
Minister of Health
Terry Lake
Minister of Mines
Bill Bennett
Provincial Health Officer
Dr Perry Kendall
Minister of the Environment
Mary Polak
Deputy Minister of Environment
Wes Shoemaker
Director Ministry of Enviroment
Jennifer McGuire

Premier Christy Clark & Mary Polak Minister of the Environment: Reverse SIA Contaminated Soil Dump Permit in Shawnigan Lake

Stop the MOE's decision to allow South Island Aggregates to dump contaminated soil to be treated in the Shawnigan Lake Drinking Watershed. Protect the people of Shawnigan Lake and our families, our health, economy and quality of life. Use your power to overturn the permit.

Letter to
Premier of BC Christy Clark
Minister of Health Terry Lake
Minister of Mines Bill Bennett
and 4 others
Provincial Health Officer Dr Perry Kendall
Minister of the Environment Mary Polak
Deputy Minister of Environment Wes Shoemaker
Director Ministry of Enviroment Jennifer McGuire
Reverse SIA Contamianted Soil Dump Permit in Shawnigan Lake