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Suspend Oxitec's GM Mosquitoes Project In The Cayman Islands

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We, the concerned residents of the Cayman Islands, condemn the decision of the Cayman Islands Government to support the launch and release of the Genetically Modified Mosquitoes project with Oxitec, in collaboration with the MRCU (Mosquito Research & Control Unit) of the Cayman Islands in June, 2016, without first conducting a public consultation with the Caymanian people and the residents of the Cayman Islands.

We are requesting that the Cayman Islands Government IMMEDIATELY postpone the release of any Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in our communities until all of our questions and concerns are answered publicly, which will allow us to be fully educated and assuaged of all fears related to this project. The release is scheduled to begin in the district of West Bay in June, 2016.

This request comes as a result of questions, and follows the answers that were provided, at the public meeting held on Tuesday evening, the 24th May, 2016 at the Sir John A. Cumber Primary School in West Bay by the Ministry of Health, MRCU and Oxitec.

In further research, we were able to ascertain that Oxitec had not been completely transparent to the Cayman Islands with its presentation of the facts, and now that new information is coming to light, there reasons for alarm.  Causing the most concern within the public is Oxitec’s admission of the sheer number of mosquitoes intended for release, Oxitec’s contradictory information regarding the effects and capabilities of those mutant mosquitoes that are proposed to be released within direct proximity to our homes and, perhaps most distressing is the concern that there is not substantial evidence to validate Oxitec claims that Genetically Modified Mosquitoes are harmless.

The recent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) report this month (May, 2016) from the United States Government raises even more concerns in response to Oxitec’s application to the US Government seeking their approval to permit Oxitec to conduct this same type of experiment in the Florida Keys.  As a result, the chilling revelation and information from the feedback of this prospective project in the United States regarding the possible uses of these mutant mosquitoes remains unchallenged with factual scientific data by Oxitec. 

This begs the question: is the Cayman Islands and the Caymanian people being sacrificed or used, ignorantly or unsuspectingly, to an evil greater than the sum of our own innocent thrust, to rid ourselves and better manage the disease carrying mosquitoes? We must admit that as human beings, in our hot pursuit for dominance, power and economic prosperity, the extent of our wickedness towards each other is incomprehensible.  These points are proven by history and current conditions.

As recently as last month, our legislators have asked forgiveness from the people of the Cayman Islands when it was disclosed that the Government relied on information received from private stakeholders wanting approval on particular projects, and where these principals gave certain assurances to our Government leaders on what they would deliver. However, at the conclusion of these projects, and with Government now acknowledging that they did not have the expertise in this area which is why they relied on the information received by these private developers, Government last month admitted in Parliament that the end result was sadly different than the glorious picture painted when the developers were seeking their approval.

Therefore, we are requesting at least a 6-month suspension, or delay this proposed release until such time that the final determination of the findings of the USA's FDA's Environmental Assessment report has been fully vetted and given the "green-light".

We invite lovers of the Cayman Islands and like-minded people with concerns of human health and safety to join us in petitioning the Cayman Islands' Government Ministers of Cabinet to suspend this project immediately while we present the Cayman Islands Government these petitions to be considered for a people-initiated referendum.

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