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Premarin is Inhumane and Cruel!

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The production of Premarin products involves the abuse and potential slaughter of pregnant mares and their foals. The term Premarin stands for PREgnant MARe's urINe. These horses are kept confined in tie-in stalls, with a urine collection device attached to them. They are kept in the dark, receive little/no exercise, and are on restricted water intake to make their urine more concentrated. These mares are also continuously pregnant. Pfizer/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals have been producing this drug for decades, and over this time countless numbers of mares (once they are no longer usable for urine collection) and their foals have been sent to slaughter. This is a horrific practice, and it is unfortunate that most of the women on these drugs are not aware of what they are or how they are made. We need to spread awareness of these products to allow women to make more informed decisions regarding hormone therapy. It will be difficult because Premarin is one of the top selling drugs of these companies, but there is unneeded animal cruelty happening now, and it needs to stop. Alternative forms of therapy are available, and these need to be pushed to make Premarin obsolete to end the cruelty!

Some voices on Premarin:

...That a substance derived from horse urine is natural to the human body is simply a tribute to 50 years of successful advertising.  Phillip Warner, Gynecologist; Los Gatos, CA

...I am no longer willing to swallow Wyeth-Ayerst’s bitter pill.   Brigitte Bardot, President, Foundation Brigitte Bardot

...The horse is one of nature’s most beautiful animals, yet sadly tens of thousands suffer and die each year in the Premarin industry.   Mary Tyler Moore, Actress

...The abuse of horses in the production of Premarin is a total denial of our own history and our debt to the horse and the role this animal played in the exploration, conquest and utilization of our planet. What we are doing is unthinkable and unforgivable.   Roger Caras, ASPCA President

...When I first began my practice in a retirement community some 24 years ago, Premarin... was the only estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) that I knew enough about to prescribe. . . . Twenty years later came the horror stories about the PMU industry.   Numerous newspaper stories, and my own investigations, confirmed the brutal truth: Pregnant mares were confined in cramped tie stalls, with urine collection cups fastened to them six months at a time, year after year, with most of their foals born each spring fattened up and trucked to slaughter at an average age of only six months old. Ethically, I felt that patients should be told about the industry. Once informed, they responded with overwhelming repulsion toward Premarin. I have not needed to prescribe that drug since, but have started or switched hundreds of women onto plant-based estrogens. Not one patient has insisted on returning to Premarin, which I think speaks well for the effectiveness of the other drugs.   Ray Kellosalmi, B.S., M.D., L.M.C.C.; practicing family physician and surgeon in Peachland, British Columbia, Canada

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*This site includes alternatives to Premarin:

*Older site, but still has valuable information on the history, health risks to women, and horse abuse concerning production, plus much of the scientific side of alternative therapies:

*This is a great site that outlines of what the horses go through, and other info:

*Much more information is available for your review on the internet, but as always, approach with caution when reading material without specific scientific sources.

>The new video, although clearly not professional, is a visual representation of what this campaign is for. It shows the conditions the mares are living in, and what the possible outcomes for their foals may be. Please watch, and share.

>The image is of Premarin mares in their stalls, with collection devices attached.

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