Pregnant boxer dog left to rot from the inside out. Stop puppy farming in WA.

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In a shocking puppy farm sting in Perth, RSPCA raided pet shops selling puppies that were linked to a puppy farm where dogs are kept in terrible conditions. In April, a boxer named Strawberry died because puppies were left rotting inside of her. Puppy farming is cruel and must be stopped now. Please sign this petition to call on WA MPs to pass the Stop Puppy Farming Bill.

Strawberry was forced to breed before she even turned one. After birthing three pups, she fell ill but was not taken to a vet to get the medical treatment she needed. Instead the pregnant dog was left to rot from the inside out. 

All dogs are kept in dirty, cramped pens at the puppy farm. Some of them grew skinny because they weren’t fed enough. It should be criminal to abuse innocent animals like this. 

Right now, the WA government is considering the Stop Puppy Farming Bill that would require pet shops to move to an adoption model, ending the animal cruelty. Please sign this petition to stand up for the voiceless creatures. Strawberry’s death must not be in vain.