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Prefectura Ilfov, Politia Ilfov, Procuratura Ilfov, Primari Clinceni Ilfov. Find and punish at the full extend of the law those who poisoned dogs and cats in Clinceni-Ilfov. No excuse for crimes towards animals anymore.

We are appalled to learn about another wave of mass poisoning of animals ( dogs and cats ) in CLINCENI - Ilfov County Romania, done by residents of this comune, using a BANNED pesticide - FURADAN.

Suntem ingroziti de valul de otraviri in masa a animalelor in comuna Clinceni - Judetul Ilfov - cauzate de locuitori ai acestei comune, care folosesc substanta FURADAN - INTERZISA in Comunitatea Europeana

It is beyond understand how this can go on and on in Romania, almost on a daily basis. It is beyond understand how people who know who these criminals might be, continue to be silent, knowing that they are actually protecting criminals. 

Nu putem intelege cum pot sa continue , aporape zilnic aceste crime. Nu putem intelege cum persoane care cunosc cine sunt autorii, continua sa nu spuna nimic, protejand prin tacerea lor niste criminali.

It is the duty of the Police and Prosecutors to FIND these individuals and to defer them to Justice, asking for the maximum punishment for the intentional killing of animals and the use of a banned substance, based on the Romanian Penal Code Art.312 and the Law 9/2008 for the Protection of Animals, Art 5 (2 - a ) and Art.18 ( c) and Art.20 (c) 

Este de datoria Politiei si a Procurorilor sa gaseasca acesti indivizi sa sa inceapa urmarirea penalam cerand pedepsele maxime  pentru omor cu intentie al animalelor si posesia de substance toxice interzise, conform Codului Penal ( Art 312) si a Legii 9/2008 pentru Protectia Animalelor - Art. 5, 18 si 20.

Please take all the necessary measure to find the infractors , punish them and end the massacre of animals in Clinceni.

Va rugam sa luati toate masurile necesare pentru a gasi infractorii, pentru a-i pedepsi si pentru a opri masacrarea animalelor in Clinceni.

You thank you for your attention

Va multumim pentru atentie.




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  • Mayor Clinceni - Ilfov
    Mr. Budeanu Adrian
  • media B365
  • Prefect Ilfov
  • Prefect Ilfov
  • Prefect of Ilfov
    Speranta Cliseru
  • Consiliul Judetean Ilfov
  • Consiliul Judetean Ilfov
  • President Consiliul Judetean Ilfov
    Marian Petrache
  • Police Ilfov
    Burada Claudia
  • Ilfov Tribunal
  • Ilfov Attoreny General
  • Ilfov Police
    Chief Commissioner

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