Keeping The Smith Family Together & In Bundaberg

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Please sign this petition to help keep the Smith family together and here in our Bundaberg community. 

The Smith family are deeply entrenched in the Bundaberg community through work, schools, sporting teams and various clubs.

Mum (Julia) and their combined six children were all born in Australia and most of the kids in our local Bundaberg Hospital. Dad (Steve) was born in NZ but has lived in Bundaberg for over 10 years now. This family have been productive members of our society; both parents have full time jobs, own their own home, pay taxes and rates back to Australia and our community.

The younger children are in local Bundaberg schools and are doing well, the kids also play in various sports teams. As for the older children; one is currently in Rockhamton University and the oldest sibling is living at home and working in Bundaberg.

Steve (Dad), made a mistake and in a provoked heated moment; he lashed out in anger and struck a person with one punch, causing injury. This is way outside Steve’s normally law abiding, placid, nurturing fatherly personality and his history shows this.

Steve has been a model citizen, both in NZ and Australia for 52 years with a clean record, work history including military service and no prior convictions. He pleaded guilty and has taken his punishment, unfortunately one of which was the automatic Australian visa cancellation. This visa cancellation, if not appealed successfully may result in the family splitting up and Dad being deported back to NZ – with a loss of income, loss of home, but most detrimental  of all, loss of family.

We believe this last penalty, for this out of character and one off mistake is excessive of the actual crime committed. Even the Magistrate agreed that Steve was not a threat and did not need removing from society, hence his suspended sentence. If you agree please sign this petition and let’s come together!

Support the Smiths, and keep the whole family here, in our Bundaberg community.

Thank you!

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