Urge Preble, NY to take action against Nazi flag on Route 11!

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Right off of East Homer Baltimore Rd, headed towards Tully, NY on Route 11, hangs a Nazi flag. The flag has a bold swastika placed just slightly off-centered on the red, black, and white fabric with an iron cross in the top left corner. It's one of seven variations of the Reichskriegsflagge -- the official name of the war flag used by German armed forces from 1867-1945 -- which was a symbol of Nazi Germany. The specific flag hanging proudly from an old steel cable, is the German War Ensign, used from 1935-1945. The flag was used by all military forces in Nazi Germany and flown daily at all military installations.

In other words, Homer/Preble, NY is hosting a very cocky, proud Nazi. When I first came across the video of the flag swaying in the wind, I was shocked and disgusted. The address of where the flag was posted was not available, but it wasn't too hard to find it: the owners, the Nazi, clearly wants you to see it and has no shame.

Of course I wanted to take it down myself, but considering it's on private property and is guarded by what seems to be some sort of spike connected to the flag, I contacted local authorities instead. Looking for advice on how to bypass what is ultimately the Nazi's right to fly the flag, I was told to contact local representatives, go to town hall meetings, and get a petition circling around. What I am hoping for is that this will catch the attention of people in the area, beyond the area, throughout the country, and possibly/hopefully further.

I'd hope that I wouldn't have to explain why action needs to be taken towards this, but in case I do: this flag represents mass genocide of those deemed physically or intellectually inferior and those of different races. The Nazis sought to improve the stock of the Germanic people through racial purity and eugenics. As most of us know, this way of thinking and behavior resulted in concentration camps, mass genocide (the Holocaust) of Jewish people, LGBTQIA(+) people, the mentally ill, Romani people, World War II, and beyond. The number of people brutally murdered during this period is difficult to estimate, however it is estimated that nearly 11 million people were murdered under the Nazi Germany ruling ( https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10008193 )

This goes beyond what is considered the owners "rights." Why this is still allowed and is somehow justifiable, is beyond me. Hopefully, this can pick up some momentum and we can show the town of Preble/Homer that this in unacceptable and that Nazi's and Nazi symbolism should not be tolerated or protected. Please share and sign! Every signature matters and counts.

Thank you,

Shonei Schmoke