Stop the use of animals in Thai 'ping pong' shows

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Many people are aware of or have seen an infamous Thai 'ping pong' show. But it is so much more than just ping pong balls...not everyone knows that these shows often use live animals in their performances. 

Explicit description coming now - animals such as small birds (like budgies), frogs, fish, turtles/tortoise, eels, gerbils and hamsters (just to name a few), are inserted into performers vaginas, and after a bit of dancing are released to the surprise and laughter of the audience. Small animals have feelings and can feel fear, stress and discomfort, especially in scary and unnatural situations such as these. Animals should not be inserted into vaginas. While it may seem hilarious at the time, if you step back and really think about it, its quite disturbing what is being done to these poor animals. 

This is close to my heart as I am a budgie enthusiast and huge animal lover. A friend of mine who recently came back from Thailand told me they watched a budgie fly out of a women and it broke my heart. Budgies are surprisingly smart and sweet little birds and get scared really easily. Thailand does have animal abuse laws and laws against sexual contact with animals. Someone guilty of animal cruelty can be prosecuted  - fined and sent to prison. Yet these shows are happening on a nightly basis, with multiple shows from different bars and clubs. You can research travel blogs and read for yourself peoples accounts about their experiences witnessing this and how many of them really regretted watching and participating by paying to see the show after. A reason law enforcement let a lot of what happens during these shows slide, is because you don't technically have to pay to see these shows (part of a legal loophole), but you are charged extreme amounts for entry to premises and drinks etc. and also masses of tourists usually flock to see the famed 'ping pong' shows.

I wanted to create this petition to be a voice for these little animals that dont have one, and to show the Thai government that animal abuse in a sex show is something tourists don't want to see. The use of animals in these shows should be banned and participants of this animal cruelty be prosecuted as per their laws. Please help me literally 'free' these poor animals for good!