Ban "bagasse" serials from bullies of Sushant Singh Rajput off Mauritian TV.

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We are all shocked by the suicide (constructive murder?) of brilliant Actor Sushant Singh Rajput. 

Bullying is a growing problem in the professional world.

But also, importantly, what a person watches is what the person becomes..

The nonsense sitcoms,  soap operas and valueless "bagasse" programs of commercial TV companies like Balaji and Star, are churning up rubbish and nonsense that totally distort any aspect of human life or Indian Culture solely for the sake of making entertainment. 

Sitcoms showing a girl marrying the brother of her lover, divorcing, marrying her lover and then getting raped by her ex-husband, all for the sake of creating sensations and raising TRPs is not only bad but disgusting. 

These programs not only give kids and youths the wrong impression of the world, but have also conditioned a whole generation to believe that mother-in-laws are witches to daughter in laws, or that adultery is acceptable, or that people must divorce on whims!

We therefore request that strict censoring rules be applied on programs being bought and aired on National Television and that companies selling "bagasse" programs such as Balaji and Star be banned from Mauritian air.

Humbly requesting that this request be considered and actioned promptly.