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Pratt is going to shut down the most sustainable program on campus! Five weeks after the launch of the TURN UP ART store Pratt's Administration IS GOING TO SHUT IT DOWN.

We have been told Pratt and Blick have an agreement that they are the only ones allowed to sell art supplies on Pratts campus and we need to shut down our operation ASAP.

"...the store can continue to operate until October 15th and that you will need to be completely cleared out of the space by November 1, 2015."

We want to continue to help you and all the other Pratt students save money, time and the environment. Our shop has proved to be a success saving Pratt students over $60,000 on art supplies in just 5 weeks.

PLEASE HELP US show them how important our store is to the students and how much this place means to everyone in the community.

YOUR SIGNATURE can show Pratt's Administration that THE STUDENTS NEED TURN UP ART!

In addition to helping you, we donate art supplies to public schools and community organizations who work with children. In just 1 year we were able to donate over 20,000 art supplies to Project Art, Sweetbriar Nature Center, PS. 90 Horace Mann and Artists in Cuba.

If you have any questions, or want more info please visit our website or send us an email: