Ban on double meaning and abusing song in bhojpuri !!!

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Hi Sir,

I am from Bihar, working in Bangalore. I know we are far behind the other state. But slowly but steady we are progressing and moving with the other states in India. The main issue which is in Bihar is the Bhojpuri song . It contains so abusive words that its very hard to listen. Especially when we are with our family travelling by some local bus or tempo. Even in marriage some people take advantage of the event and play such cheap songs in the loudspeaker. We are not even comfortable with sitting at home listening those vulgar songs.

So I would like to request you please ban those songs immediately. And if possible put a special censor board for Bhojpuri songs. Especially with the song albums.They take much advantage . The writer of these songs write any thing and some cheap singer for money they sing song with lots of music.Not even the lyrics but also video are also full of nudist scene to make profit producer put such cheap tricks.

When the bhojpuri cinema started in Bihar . It had a very good value. But nowadays singer are making cheap videos. I cant name those singer name or song name . I am scared of those goons. Sir please help us. Our sister and mother are in great danger.
So please please take an immediate action regarding this.

Thanks & Regards,

Ishwar Kumar