A petition to bring "wanting to cry, I pretend to be a cat" to India as a premier

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  • Anime or Japanese animation are one of the sources of entertainment that are continuously catching people's eye. Currently there are around 1,00,000 anime otakus(anime binge watchers) in India and the number is continuously increasing. Yet due to lack of a certified and legal source to watch anime we have to opt for options like pirated sources. Hence, I demand you to please bring a premier to India namely "wanting to cry, I pretend to be a cat". This anime movie has been recently announced about it's release and everyone who watched it's trailer has got his/her hearts warmed. Release of this movie in India will not only bring a new industry of entertainment in India but further might encourage other Indian anime otakus to binge anime through non pirated sources. Hence I plead you all to bring this movie to India