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Goa has been a victim to uncontrolled rates for taxi services especially at places like the Dabolim Airport, Local taxi stands and passers-by. To curb this situation the government has partnered with a GOAN start-up to launch an initiative known as GoaMiles - a taxi service that runs through an application allowing people to book a cab online at a Government approved fee.

GoaMiles has been facing opposition since its inception on 6th August 2018 by Local taxi services and Local politicians. But, that hasn’t stopped them from surpassing every obstacle thrown their way.

Currently, GoaMiles faces:

  • Fictional news which spoke about the employment of Non-Goans as GoaMiles taxi drivers
  • Damages have been done to the GoaMiles vehicles by other local taxi drivers to ensure fear in the GoaMiles drivers through the leadership of opposing politicians.

This falsely put together news by a handful of people is the main reason that overpowers all the good. The positive need to overthrow the negative and that’s only possible when we all stand together as one state, one community and one family. The voice of the people of Goa cannot be ignored anymore. Stand with us on our journey to a more convenient Goa. Let’s make it happen together!

#supportgoamiles by making a difference! Every signature comes a long way to a better Goa.

To know more about the app check out GoaMiles Instagram and Facebook accounts.

About Goa:

Goa is a small state situated on the south- west coast of India with a population of 1,458,545 people (ref. census 2011).  It is one of the leading states in terms of tourism both local and foreign.