Keep children safe. Help fight Sexual abuse. Keep accused away till proven innocent

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People accused of Child Sexual Abuse to be kept away from children till proven innocent

Every time a Child Sexual Abuse incident is reported, I shiver with fear and disgust.

Fear for what the child must have gone through …

“A 6 year old was sexually assaulted by the Principal of the school”

“Watchman sodomizes 3 minor boys”

“A 4 year old was molested by the School Trustee”

“A 6 year old girl was raped”

“Complaint filed under POCSO Act against a celebrity singer, for sexually molesting minor girl on reality TV show”

Disgust for what happens immediately after

“Six months after …

“Celebrity writes an open letter …

“Trustee is back at school, compares himself to Mandela”

“Are you going to trust a 3-year old’s version?”

“But the accused is such a good person!”

“Parents say…”

“He is like a father figure”

“You should not report it. What has happened has happened…”

“Imagine, what will people say about her…”

Protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act was required. I am happy that the incidence of children’s sexual abuse reports has gone up, and yet I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Justice is not being meted out in time - Mumbai itself has more than 2000 POCSO cases pending under trial - some going as far back as 2013!

What am I demanding?

“Protection of Children - A National Priority”, and more specifically -

Restraining of the accused. Anyone accused of child abuse should not be allowed near the crime scene/ school/ institution/ till they are officially and unambiguously cleared by the law.
Time based implementation of Vishakha guidelines OR suspension of license for schools that fail to implement the guidelines around child
Faster FIR/ chargesheet/ trials – Police needs to be trained/ pulled up for faster action. There is a need to set up special courts to deal with POCSO cases swiftly. Any reported instance where the Police do not accept a complaint from an aggrieved minor/ parents, should lead to immediate removal from the force (and not just a basic suspension/ transfer).
Mandatory introduction of standardized education on sexual abuse – for teachers/ administrators/support staff as well as age appropriate education for children.
I demand a #SafeChildhood for our children.


Not on my watch

Who gives you the permission to touch me

when all you have to do is protect me

Who gives you the right

To drag me in dark corners to fulfil your dark desires

Who gives you the permission

To hold me prisoner by stifling my voice

Who gives you the right

To cast your gaze coloured with your own demons on my innocent being

Who aids you in the heinous act

to forever imprint on my tender heart

The violent atrocities of your basal acts

Did you stop to think for a moment

That this moment will change me forever

Break my spirit

Leave me unhinged

Incapable of living the beautiful life

I came here to live

I refuse to fall apart today

I refuse to let another one fall

Not on my watch!!

Not on my watch!!