We need stricter labor laws for effective working hours and salaries in IT firms of India

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So here we are, working as slaves to big big IT firms in India. We put our blood and soul into the work year round just to get a 0% Hike from these firms in spite of them making huge profits YoY. This doesn't end here. The employees are watched and being forced to follow the practice of working for 9 - 10 hours and anything less will simply mean you are not following rules. Employees are expected to work on weekends if the project demands support in return for NOTHING. 

Recent article shows how frustrated the masses working in an IT firm are - 


So its a collective request from the poor IT slaves of India to our HRD Ministry and Govt Of India to act on this and end the IT Raj. We need stricter labor laws to make sure these firms do not exploit employees. With inflation going up day by day, the meager salary seems more meager to us with zero hikes. The day is very near where we will realize our salary is nothing more than alms from rich people (IT firms) comparing to actual cost of living. 

Then there is this 3 MONTHS notice period where are forced to serve a company for 3 months so that they can make it quite difficult or even impossible for us to switch to another employer. We as employees are TIED or BOUND by their aggressive rules and policies and we have no way out of this. 

It is a high time now that our existing laws are re-worked upon to make sure these big private IT firms do not exploit their powers and take the employees for granted. We would not tolerate such exploitation and there will have to be bigger steps if we do not get assistance from our government. We are counting on you!!!