Urging Govt. to DECLARE CLIMATE EMERGENCY & to support transition to renewable energy .

Urging Govt. to DECLARE CLIMATE EMERGENCY & to support transition to renewable energy .

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Dear Fellow Humans, may be we don't understand this but we are drastically being the cause of the changes in the climate. Earth is not only ours but we have other living beings that belong to our planet. And, I am talking about Climate Emergency. Do you know Four countries have declared CIIMATE EMERGENCY in their countries UK, France, Canada and Ireland.



Why INDIA should declare Climate EMERGENCY 

1.Because we are one of the most POPULATED countries and can create great impact setting an example bothering about the Earth's ALARM.

2. India has 7 of the top 10 most POLLUTED cities in the world.

3. Witnessed : We saw a huge dump yard full of PLASTIC being burnt everyday. Guess where, it is approximately 25 Kms away from ISRO launch station in Sullurupeta. It is sad to see us looking for other planets and stars when our Mother(Earth) is in the situation to be taken care of and that is why there is also the need of spreading awareness about the Earth's Alarm and Emergency.

4. Animals Suffering:
Plastics don’t belong in a lot of places and a belly is one of them! Animals may mistake plastic for food, or they may consume plastic in the process of eating the leftover food it contains. Either way, it does no good for a tummy that belongs to a dog, a crow, or a cow. Plastic stands to cause intestinal blockages in an animal that consumes it. Death is the ultimate tragedy for animals that consume plastic and this is a sad fate that both wild and domestic animals alike can face. 


Globally, we produce 300 million tons of plastic every year, 78 percent of which is NOT reclaimed or recycled.
Around 8.8 million tons of plastic get dumped into the oceans every year!
700 marine animals are faced with extinction due to the threat that plastic poses to them in the form of entanglement, pollution, and ingestion.
50 percent of sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs.
By 2050, 99 percent of all seabird species will have ingested plastic waste.


Changes in climate have significant implications for present lives, for future generations and for ecosystems on which humanity depends. There is strong evidence that the warming of the Earth over the last half-century has been caused largely by human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.


Impacts from this warming already have been observed and include increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, accelerated melting of snow and sea ice, widespread retreat of glaciers, rising global average sea level, and extensive changes in weather patterns, including changes in precipitation levels and increased storm intensity. And as atmospheric concentrations of CO2 rise, oceans absorb more carbon, causing ocean waters to become acidic. The acidic conditions make it more difficult for calcifying organisms such as corals and crustaceans to form hard shells or skeletons, ultimately affecting the entire marine food chain. Climate change is the greatest environmental threat confronting the world.There is an urgent need to address climate change, as climate scientists now say that we have a decade or less to begin reducing greenhouse gas emissions to avoid catastrophic changes to the planet.

8. Declaring Climate Emergency and Spreading awareness can urge many companies to become eco friendly. Many new companies can come up giving more opportunities and employment to the people.


Energy efficiency and renewable energy are the fastest, safest, cleanest, and most cost-effective means of reducing our use of fossil fuels within this diminishing window of time. We can improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, vehicles, communities, and energy generation sector. We can transition to clean renewable energy resources that do not emit new greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

By declaration of CLIMATE EMERGENCY there is accelerated spread of awareness and new institutions being set up and lot more...

Thank you for reading and signing up.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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