Fake 100% Job guarantee by training institutes.

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This petition is basically for freshers, who are in a hurry to get their first job and for that they tend to make rash decisions which they regret it later, in some cases even destroy their future.

So why we are saying it is for freshers because they are exposed to the market and reality for the first time and they lack the ability to interpret the mind games the institutes and consultancies play.

Many training institutes in India uplifted their google ranking by their digital marketing tactics and ranking on top. 

All students who are looking for a job: 

This is a common Search on google : 

  • 100% Job guarantee courses
  • a guaranteed job with training.
  • 100 % job guarantee course in Delhi
  • 100 job guarantee courses in Bangalore
  • 100 job guarantee course in Mumbai
  • 100 job guarantee courses after b tech
    100 job guarantee courses in Hyderabad
  • professional courses with job placement
  • 100 job guarantee courses in Kolkata
  • 100 job guarantee course in Kerala

Consequently to this, many students are paying 1Lac + INR,  also those who are not financially good they are offered education loan. 

We need to help fresher students who are exposed to the market, that they should not enrol in this kind of courses which claim 100% job guarantee.

We would like to request to Our honourable Education minister " Prakash Javadekar " to help fresher students to align a team to give warning to these institutes to stop marketing 100% job guarantee.

If training institutes want to help, they can help by should not market 100% job guarantee on their websites and sign boards.

We want the Government should disclose the real intentions of Institutes claiming 100 % job placement.