54k Trees to be Chopped for Mumbai- Ahemdabad Bullet Train

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The billion dollar bullet train project is one its first kind in India. Along with the development it brings, it also puts environment at stake. 

Here's how-

A massive number of trees, i.e., more than 54,000 mangrove trees spread over 13.36 hectares will be razed off to make way for the project. More than 4000 people will be affected by this rail corridor's construction.

Climate crisis are already at it's brim of devastation and a disastrous future is already looming. It's a time of red alert and instead of considering this emergency as a global issue our government is intensifying it. 54000 IS A HUGE NUMBER.

Mangrove trees take in four times the carbon dioxide than the other trees. Cyclone Nargis could kill over 130,000 people in Myanmar because the cover of mangrove trees in that area was destructed. Their presence would have minimized the disaster by great intensity. 

Mangroves are Mumbai’s natural sentinels against natural calamities. From 1972 to 1975 about 200 kilometres of the Maharashtra coastline was covered with mangroves. By 1997 this had declined by half, to 108 kilometres. By 2001 it marginally increased to 118 kilometres. 

During the tsunami in 2004 along India’s eastern coast, mangroves act as a natural barrier to tidal waves thus saving urban land from sinking. 

They are using a machine to replant the trees after loosely uprooting them, but its success rate is very low and only 2500 trees are expected to be saved from the lot. Is it justified?