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Psyonix needs to keep rocket league rankings as vegetables

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Psyonix as an april fools has implemented a new ranking system as shown below:

Potato - Hearty, solid, and unflashy. Potato players have a lot of potential, but need more time in the oven of competition.

Onion - However you dice them, these players are versatile, but still learning how to mix well with others. Occasional mistakes can make teammates cry.

Corn - These players have used their eyes and ears to pop above the maze of the lower ranks.

Broccoli - Heady players that stalk the field with a purpose.

Radish - Esteemed players that often have deep roots in the community.

Purple Cabbage - The cream of the crop, they often steam their opponents. These champions are not your garden variety veterans, are extremely versatile, and mix well with a variety of teammates.

Grand Eggplant - Only the best Rocket League players have grown their skills enough to reach this exclusive rank.


these are amazing and we want to keep them

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